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Debunking the Top Myths About Medical Laser Procedures

August 13, 2015 Leave a comment

Many don’t understand the concept of a laser treatment, which is why they assume that laser procedures are unsafe.  With time, such misconceptions have become myths. In this post, we’ll debunk the  most significant and common myths associated with laser treatments.

The technology—Cosmetic Lasers are still in the Early Primitive Stages. 

Many laser applications are taken for granted these days. We understand that a few laser technologies such as fiber optics, lighting displays, printers, and bar code readers are new; but we can’t think similarly for medical lasers, especially the cosmetic ones. For your knowledge, the first laser treatment was carried out by Leon Goldman, a dermatologist, in 1962.

Lasers are unnecessary because similar benefits can be experienced by skincare products as well


Many skincare products make very bold claims despite very few products that can actually deliver on their promises.  With medical laser equipment, it’s quite the opposite – laser manufacturers can’t make any claims on the effectiveness of their equipment without the approval from the Food and Drug Adminisration to support those claims.  In fact, medical laser equipment remains unmarketable until it has received approval from the FDA for the claim it is making – whether it be laser hair removal or skin rejuvenation.

Laser treatments can cause thinning of skin

The fact is that lasers let skin to become neither thin nor weak. Actually, properly controlled laser skin treatments can replace damaged skin with fresh collagen. Even the medical aesthetic lasers for sale are checked thoroughly by leading resellers/sellers before making the final delivery.

So, with this post, we hope we have dispelled many of the common myths surrounding used medical lasers.

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Why it’s best to buy used aesthetic laser equipment

August 12, 2015 Leave a comment

If you’re thinking to buy a brand new cosmetic laser machine, you require a lot of financial resources. That is why many clinics and hospitals rely on buying secondhand laser equipment because it isn’t highly priced.

Through this post, we’ll enlighten you about the benefits that you can gain after buying used quality aesthetic laser equipment from an established reseller.


Low price

As we’ve mentioned earlier, new aesthetic laser equipment is very expensively priced. Which is why, if you’ve got budgetary constraints, you can only buy a secondhand one. Nevertheless, many businesspeople assume that a secondhand machine will not perform. This belief is false only when you buy the laser equipment from a reliable seller/reseller. That is, you’ll spend less and gain quality—the best of both worlds!

Quality control

Now, this point can only be claimed by a leading reseller such as Rock Bottom Lasers. A well-known reseller will always check the machine—in terms of safety and functionality—thoroughly. A reliable reseller, who’s in the business for a long time, will have a team of quality testers. This team will check the machine against several quality standards before making the final delivery.

By keeping these three points in mind, many business owners (doctors, dermatologists, hospitals, and skincare clinics) have taken the decision to buy a used cosmetic laser machine rather than a new one

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Points to remember before buying used medical lasers

July 29, 2015 Leave a comment

You are into the business of aesthetic treatment, and your happiness knows no bounds whenever you see an ad with a title “Medical Lasers for Sale!” We understand your joy as buying a new medical laser system can cost a small fortune; plus, its high depreciation cost is a put off as well. But do not presume that buying a used medical laser is a cakewalk. This buying process is a bit complex and requires you to remember a few points. Let us read up on these points, now.

  • Check whether the laser machine is properly maintained or not. If possible, try to get the machine’s refurbishing or maintenance schedule from the reseller as well. Also, crosscheck each and every part (handpieces and fibers) of medical laser systems before buying.
  • Before making the payment, try to get a demo (including all the working features) of the machine.
  • Also, check if any prior installation is required during the time you will install the machine in your med spa business, clinic, or hospital. If yes, hire a trained professional to do the installation work.
  • Check the seller’s facility before buying the equipment. You should not solely rely on the information (about the equipment) that is available on his/her website.
  • Ensure that each and every warranty document related to the laser equipment is authentic and up to date.
  • Last but not least, try to contact the reseller’s previous customers or go through their testimonials to know the quality of the offered equipment.

So, we hope you will remember, if not all, some of these points before buying used medical lasers.

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Which are the three medical lasers in demand today?

July 24, 2015 Leave a comment


Everyone yearns for having the charm and good looks, and there is nothing wrong in it. To fulfill this desire of many, aesthetic medicine was developed. Aesthetic medicines use cosmetic treatments that are minimally invasive to beautify physical appearances; the concept has gained traction in the late 90s.


Presently, you will find many undergoing laser-based aesthetic procedures. In 2013 alone, close to 23 million laser-based aesthetic procedures were done. That is, lasers are popular when it comes to carrying out aesthetic treatments. Now, let us go through three of the most popular laser systems that are used in aesthetic treatment.


Solid state laser systems


The system deploys solid matrix to distribute lasing material. The solid state system uses solid state gain media (crystals or glass). Moreover, the system generates output powers, ranging from milliwatts to kilowatts and has two components—electronics and optics.


Dye laser systems


In this system, the gain medium is dye (that is a liquid solution). Machine operators of this system use different solvents—dimethyl sulfoxide, p-dioxane, and ethanol—for laser dyes. Generally, the operators buy powdered dyes that are made into solutions having the desired concentration.


Diode laser systems


Primarily used in medical diagnostics, a diode laser system emits radiation in a visible spectrum or an infrared spectrum whenever current goes through it. The system can be categorized into two types—low power diode laser (used for soft tissue treatments) and high power diode laser (used for medical aesthetics and dentistry).


The popularity of these machines has persuaded many clinics and hospitals to own medical lasers. But qualified and experienced equipment operators and experts recommend used cosmetic lasers because new laser equipment has high depreciation charges.


Owing to this reason, the demand for companies offering quality medical lasers for sale is pressing. So, whenever you are planning to get one of these machines for your clinic or hospital, just rely on used laser machines rather than new ones.



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