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How to Negotiate the Purchase of a Used Medical Laser

Successful negotiation for a used medical laser comes from having solid information.  This is particularly true when buying a used medical laser.  Before beginning negotiations you should conduct online research on the availability and price of the lasers you are looking for.  An excellent resource for the value of used laser equipment is the area on Medical Spa MD where you can buy and sell used cosmetic lasers.  If a certain kind medical laser is for sale, it is normally available on Dotmed.  You should be able to get an average asking price for the laser you are looking to purchase.  You can use this information as a basis for negotiating the price if it appears that the broker’s asking price is too high.  Knowledge is power, and this is especially true in the used laser market.

If brokers justify a higher price because the laser is in good condition, it has a low pulse count, or it has been recently “refurbished” or serviced, then you need to ask them to provide documentation or proof of such claims.  In many cases, brokers will often raise their prices slightly to allow discounts when a buyer asks for one.  Keep in mind that the critical issue is not to just get a discount for discount’s sake, but rather to buy the laser at or below the prevailing market value.  Follow these guidelines when negotiating:

  • Only enter into negotiations with a broker with whom you feel comfortable and who may have been recommended by a fellow physician.
  • Make an opening offer that is low, but in the ballpark.
  • Decide ahead of time how high you will go and back away when your limit’s reached.

In addition to negotiating the price, you should also be aware of what standard accessories should come with the laser.  You need to require that the broker is very clear what is included in the price.  Common accessories are:  Keys, Operators Manuals, Treatment Parameters Guide, Operator Eyewear, Patient Eyewear, Footswitch, Cryogen, Treatment Tips, Light Guides, and Hand pieces, Additional Fibers, Water Refill Kits.

To be safe, some lasers should be installed by a laser service technician after it is delivered to your practice.  Ask your broker if this service can be offered with your laser purchase.  This usually costs extra, however it can be very worthwhile to ensure that the unit is set up properly and that no accidental misuse occurs.  If you have never operated the laser you intend to purchase, this is especially important.  You should also make arrangements for training if you have never operated this laser.  The laser broker can often arrange for training and you can ask that he build the cost of training into the purchase price of the laser.

Once an agreement has been made, you need to make sure the broker provides you with a detailed invoice that includes all items you will be receiving along with any guarantees that are being provided.  If the laser includes a warranty, be sure the warranty is clearly spelled out regarding exactly what it covers and the time period.  Once this is complete, it is time to prepare for shipping the laser to your clinic.  Be sure to verify that shipping insurance is provided on the laser during transit for the full purchase price.  Your worst nightmare would be the laser is damaged during shipment and you cannot get your money back from the broker.  Having insurance allows for reimbursement in the event an accident happens during transit.

Vin Wells, MHSA

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