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Points to remember before buying used medical lasers

You are into the business of aesthetic treatment, and your happiness knows no bounds whenever you see an ad with a title “Medical Lasers for Sale!” We understand your joy as buying a new medical laser system can cost a small fortune; plus, its high depreciation cost is a put off as well. But do not presume that buying a used medical laser is a cakewalk. This buying process is a bit complex and requires you to remember a few points. Let us read up on these points, now.

  • Check whether the laser machine is properly maintained or not. If possible, try to get the machine’s refurbishing or maintenance schedule from the reseller as well. Also, crosscheck each and every part (handpieces and fibers) of medical laser systems before buying.
  • Before making the payment, try to get a demo (including all the working features) of the machine.
  • Also, check if any prior installation is required during the time you will install the machine in your med spa business, clinic, or hospital. If yes, hire a trained professional to do the installation work.
  • Check the seller’s facility before buying the equipment. You should not solely rely on the information (about the equipment) that is available on his/her website.
  • Ensure that each and every warranty document related to the laser equipment is authentic and up to date.
  • Last but not least, try to contact the reseller’s previous customers or go through their testimonials to know the quality of the offered equipment.

So, we hope you will remember, if not all, some of these points before buying used medical lasers.

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